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File #: SS 20-023   
Type: Study Session Status: Presented
File created: 3/19/2020 In control: City Council Study Session
On agenda: 4/14/2020 Final action: 4/14/2020
Title: Redmond 2050 - Comprehensive Planning Update - Scope and Overview
Attachments: 1. Agenda Memo, 2. Attachment A: Comprehensive Plan Overview and Scope, 3. Attachment B: Redmond 2050 - Scope and Overview Study Session Presentation

MEMO TO:                     Members of the City Council

FROM:                     Mayor Angela Birney



Redmond 2050 - Comprehensive Planning Update - Scope and Overview

I.                     RECOMMENDED ACTION


Receive a presentation and discuss the scope and overview of the Redmond Comprehensive Plan Update scheduled to begin this year.


II.                     DEPARTMENT CONTACTS


Carol Helland, Director                                                                                                                              425-556-2107

Beverly Mesa-Zendt, Manager                                                                                                         425-556-2416

Don Cairns, Manager                                                                                                                                                   425-556-2834

Jeff Churchill, Transportation Strategic Advisor                                                               425-556-2492

Planning and Community Development





This is part of a series of presentations to provide information about the periodic review of the Redmond Comprehensive Plan. Other presentations include the following:


                     March 27, 2020 | Special Meeting Staff Report: State and Regional Planning Context

                     April 14, 2020 | Regular Business Meeting Study Session: Redmond Comprehensive Plan Periodic Review (Redmond 2050) Scope and Overview

                     May 18, 2020 | Regular Business Meeting Staff Report: Redmond 2050 Scope and Public Engagement Plan

                     June 16, 2020 | Regular Business Meeting Staff Report: Urban Growth Capacity Study - King County presentation

State and Regional Requirements for Periodic Review of the Comprehensive Plan

The Growth Management Act (GMA) requires that each Washington city and county periodically review and, if needed, revise its comprehensive plan and development regulations every eight years (RCW 36.70A.130 <>). The Growth Management Act provides for a deadline for completion no later than June 30, 2023, however, the Washington State Legislature recently extended that deadline to June 20, 2024 (HB 2342 <>). Staff has developed a comprehensive and coordinated approach for completing this required periodic review update and branded it Redmond 2050.

Redmond 2050 will consider and integrate the following state, regional, and county requirements into the anticipated periodic review.

1.                     The GMA periodic review checklist (pending) - addresses minimum compliance with state law and identifies required policy and regulatory updates;

2.                     The Puget Sound Regional Council (PSRC) periodic review checklist (pending) - addresses the Regional Growth Strategy and multi-county planning policies provided for in the PSRC’s Vision 2050 Regional plan; and

3.                     The Countywide Planning Policies (CPPs) adopted by King County (pending) - address growth management issues in King County. The Growth Management Planning Counci <>l (GMPC) brings together elected officials from King County and the jurisdictions within King County to develop the CPPs. Local jurisdictions must develop policies and regulations consistent with the CPPs.

Local Review

Staff is currently conducting the following research and analysis to inform the final scope, identify the highest priorities, and establish phases for completion of work.

1.                     Long Range Planning Existing Conditions Scan. Long Range Planning staff is identifying updates based on information provided in Community Indicator reports, a Comprehensive Plan element review, and best practices (e.g., elimination of regulatory language).

2.                     Departmental Staff Interviews. Long Range Planning staff has scheduled a series of interviews with staff from multiple city departments to review and discuss the following:

                     Anticipated growth targets, SEPA review, Urban Visioning, and PSRC Vision 2050 Regional Growth Strategy; and

                     Policies and regulations that may need to be updated with particular attention to areas identified by the City Council, city boards and commissions.

3.                     Comprehensive Plan Amendment Docket Applications. As part of the annual docket review, staff has identified requested Comprehensive Plan amendments more suitable to be considered as part of the periodic review.

4.                     Leadership Direction. Policy focus and guidance that staff receives from elected and appointed officials.

5.                     Citizen Input. Staff will invite public involvement as part of the Urban Visioning Project and the Environmental Impact Statement and throughout the periodic review process.

Interdepartmental Planning Coordination - Current and Planned Projects

Key Planning Projects Underway

Multiple planning projects are currently underway that will provide critical information, inputs, and guidance in developing the goals and policies considered in the Comprehensive Plan update.  See Attachment A for a summary of these projects.

                     Priority Components for Periodic Review of the Comprehensive Plan

Staff is working to develop a plan for phasing updates to the Comprehensive Plan, functional plans and regulations with the highest priorities being amendments that advance economic development and the community vision. First phase updates will include the Overlake Neighborhood Plan and the Transportation Master Plan (TMP). See Attachment A.

Proposed phases will be described in more detail at the City Council meeting planned for May 19, 2020.

Comprehensive Plan Update Process Steps and Key Deliverables

1.                     Community Involvement Plan - staff is coordinating with Transportation Planning and Engineering to develop a comprehensive public involvement plan that provides for coordination of community outreach whenever possible and unified branding. This plan will be brought to City Council for review at an future meeting.


2.                     Visioning of Urban Forms and Land Use Scenarios - As a first step, staff will involve the community in refining the community vision for the Urban Centers and identify boundaries and land use scenarios for the Transit Oriented Development areas of Redmond. Specifically, this work will:

                     Explore and identify areas where populations and employment growth can be assigned in compliance with the Vision 2050 regional growth strategy;

                     Identify boundaries for Transit Oriented Development and preferred land use scenarios based on market factors, growth targets, and reasonable pedestrian sheds; and

                     Refine the Community’s vision for the preferred urban form as an urban city, and how that transition will occur, including a review of design guidelines.


3.                     State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) Analysis and Planned Action - SEPA work for this update will:

                     Update and extend the Planned Action for Overlake;

                     Evaluate planned actions for Downtown and/or Marymoor; and

                     Update SEPA documentation for the Redmond Comprehensive Plan, including an updated Existing Conditions report.


4.                     Updates to the Redmond Comprehensive Plan, Overlake Neighborhood Plan, Transportation Master Plan, and other related functional plans, and policies. The periodic review cycle will require updates to multiple plans and policies. Staff anticipates that the Overlake Neighborhood Plan and the Transportation Master Plan be included with Phase 1 project deliverables to be completed in or before 1Q 2023.


5.                     Regulatory Updates. As part of the periodic review, jurisdictions must identify and adopt regulatory updates needed to implement the Comprehensive Plan.

Next Steps

The timeline below provides for the following upcoming key milestones:

April 2020

Community Involvement Plan and Charter Completion

2Q 2020- 3Q 2020

Consultant Selection - EIS, Overlake Planned Action, Community Visioning

4Q 2020- 1Q 2021

Land Capacity Study and Growth Targets

3Q 2020- 1Q 2021

Preferred Land Use Scenario Development (TOD) and Community Vision Refinement; Preliminary Growth Target Allocations

2Q 2020 -3Q 2020

EIS Scoping






                     March 10, 2020 | Committee of the Whole Planning and Public Works

                     March 27, 2020 | Special Meeting Staff Report: State and Regional Planning Context (Information Only)


V.                     IMPACT


A.                     Service/Delivery:


The following priority components of the Comprehensive Plan update will serve a critical role in facilitating new development and redevelopment in the City’s Urban Centers and Transit Oriented Development (TOD) areas:


                     Overlake Planned Action. Thorough up-front analysis of impacts and mitigation measures of future development and growth that will facilitate and expedite environmental review of subsequent development projects.

                     Evaluation of Planned Action strategy for Downtown and Marymoor TOD area. These areas will be evaluated and considered for a Planned Action to determine if the overall environmental impacts of future growth can be comprehensively addressed while simultaneously reducing the cost of doing business.


                     Overlake Incentive Program Updates to the Comprehensive Plan  and related regulatory updates provide new opportunities to reduce development costs while advancing neighborhood goals. Overlake Incentive Program <>.



B.                     Fiscal Note:


A Request for Proposals for SEPA analysis and for Visioning/Land Use Scenario development was issued on March 12, 2020 with a deadline for submissions no later than April 24, 2020. Staff anticipates seeking Council authorization to execute a contract for professional services no later than July 2020.





Under state law, the periodic review and update of the Comprehensive Plan must be completed by June 30, 2024.


VII.                     TIME CONSTRAINTS


Staff anticipates completion of the Overlake Neighborhood Plan/Planned Action and the Transportation Master Plan in or before 1Q 2023. The remining Comprehensive Plan updates will be completed in compliance with the periodic review deadline.


VIII.                     LIST OF ATTACHMENTS


Attachment A | Interdepartmental Planning Coordination - Current and Planned Projects

Attachment B | Presentation - Redmond Comprehensive Plan Periodic Review Scope and Overview