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File #: CM 20-263   
Type: Committee Memo Status: Approved for Staff Report
File created: 9/4/2020 In control: Committee of the Whole - Planning and Public Works
On agenda: 9/8/2020 Final action:
Title: Redmond 2050: Resolution adopting the Scope, Timeline, and Public Involvement Plan
Attachments: 1. Agenda Memo, 2. Attachment A: Resolution, 3. Attachment B: Resolution Exhibit 1, Scope and Timeline, 4. Attachment C: Resolution Exhibit 2, Community Engagement Plan

TO:                      Committee of the Whole - Planning and Public Works

FROM:                      Mayor Angela Birney



Planning and Community Development

Carol Helland




Planning and Community Development

Beverly Mesa-Zendt

Interim Deputy Director




Redmond 2050: Resolution adopting the Scope, Timeline, and Public Involvement Plan




This briefing is in preparation for the staff report scheduled for September 15, 2020. Staff will be seeking approval, by resolution (Attachment A), of the Redmond 2050 scope, timeline, and Community Involvement Plan in accordance with the requirements set forth in RCW 36.70A.130 <> and RCW 36.70A.140 <>.


  Additional Background Information/Description of Proposal Attached




  Receive Information                                            Provide Direction                                            Approve




                     Relevant Plans/Policies:

Redmond Comprehensive Plan and implementing plans, policies, and regulations.



Washington State Growth Management Act requires that each Washington city and county periodically review and, if needed, revise its comprehensive plan and development regulations every eight years. For King County, and all the cities in King County, the “periodic review“ must be completed by June 30, 2024 per WAC 365-196-610.


                     Council Request:

Staff is requesting approval to place this item on the consent agenda at the Business Meeting scheduled for October 6, 2020.


                     Other Key Facts:

State law requires that each city, proposing amendments to the Comprehensive Plan, establish a public participation program identifying procedures for early and continuous public involvement in the development and amendment of comprehensive land use plans and the development regulations implementing such plans. The public participation program should also inform the public of when to comment on proposed changes to the comprehensive plan and should identify the scope and timeline for the review. Notice of the update process must be provided in accordance with RCW 36.70A.035 <>.  In addition to published notice of this resolution, scope, timeline and Community Involvement Plan, staff will be posting all documents on the Redmond 2050 Project Page at <>.



Adoption of the Redmond 2050 resolution will advance public understanding and awareness of Redmond 2050 and further compliance with state law.


                     Timeline (previous or planned):

A full project Scope and Timeline in provided in Attachment B.

                     Outreach Methods and Results:

The full Phase One Community Involvement Plan is provided in Attachment C.  


Public Comment Documentation and Consideration

Throughout the process, public input will be documented and considered in the following ways:

1.                     Public comment matrices;

2.                     Survey records, reports, and databases generated from digital engagement tools like the virtual lobby and Let’s Connect;

3.                     Issues matrices developed and considered for the purposes of public hearings;  and

4.                     Through the use of parametric modeling - live public prioritization.


Inclusive Outreach and Limited English Proficiency Strategies

Inclusive Outreach

                     Utilization of trusted community partners and organizations, 

                     Hosting events and providing information accessible at community gathering places, and

                     Providing opportunities in-person and on-line venues for gathering input.

Limited/No English Proficiency

                     Use of “Plain Language <>” that is easy to understand and translate.

                     Digital Translation Services.

                     Targeted Translation of Written Materials.   

                     HTML formatting.


A Phase Two Community Involvement Plan will be developed at a later date more closely associated with the timeline for Phase Two tasks and will utilize lessons learned and best practices from the Phase One involvement effort.  No later than December 2022, the Phase Two Community Involvement Plan will be posted on the project page at <>  and published for comment in accordance with the requirements set forth in RCW 36.70A.035.


Feedback Summary: N/A



Total Cost:

On August 18, 2020, the City Council approved contracts with IBI Group (Community Visioning) and Berk Consulting (Environmental Analysis). The total contract amount of $480,000 will be spent over multiple years.  


Approved in current biennial budget:                                            Yes                                            No                                            N/A


Budget Offer Number:

The $218,000 of funding required for 2020 is budgeted in the current biennium and the remaining amount, obligated for the 2021-2022, will be carried forward into the next biennial budget.


Budget Priority:

Vibrant Economy

Other budget impacts or additional costs:                       Yes                                            No                                            N/A

If yes, explain:

Transportation Master Plan Update: $250,000 is proposed for the 2021-2022 biennium and $100,000 was provided in the 2019-2020 biennium.

Funding source(s):

General Fund


Budget/Funding Constraints:


  Additional budget details attached




Previous Contact(s)



Requested Action


Special Meeting

Receive Information


Study Session

Receive Information


Study Session

Provide Direction


Proposed Upcoming Contact(s)



Requested Action


Committee of the Whole - Planning and Public Works

Provide Direction


Business Meeting

Provide Direction


Business Meeting



Time Constraints:

​In accordance with RCW 36.70A.130, King County and all the cities in King County must complete the periodic review no later than June 30, 2024. Staff is proposing a Phase One completion date no later than the fourth quarter of 2022.​



City Council may consider and recommend changes to scope and the timeline.



                     ​Attachment A - Resolution  

                     Attachment B - Resolution Exhibit 1 - Scope and Timeline

                     Attachment C - Resolution Exhibit 2 - Community Involvement Plan