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File #: AM No. 20-062   
Type: Staff Report Status: Presented
File created: 4/28/2020 In control: City Council
On agenda: 5/19/2020 Final action: 5/19/2020
Title: Redmond Comprehensive Plan Periodic Review: Detailed Scope, Budget, and Community Involvement Plan
Attachments: 1. Agenda Memo No. 20-062, 2. Attachment A: Scope and Timeline, 3. Attachment B: CompPlan Community Benefits, 4. Attachment C: Draft Community Engagement Plan, 5. Attachment D: Presentation

MEMO TO:                     Members of the City Council

FROM:                     Mayor Angela Birney



Redmond Comprehensive Plan Periodic Review: Detailed Scope, Budget, and Community Involvement Plan

I.                     RECOMMENDED ACTION

Informational Briefing


II.                     DEPARTMENT CONTACTS


Carol Helland, Director                                                                                                                              425-556-2107

Beverly Mesa-Zendt, Interim Deputy Director                                                               425-556-2416

Beckye Frey, Senior Planner                                                                                                                               425-556-2750

Planning and Community Development




This presentation on the Comprehensive Plan Scope and Community Involvement Plan meets the general guidance from the State Attorney General regarding Open Public Meetings Act (OPMA) during the COVID-19 pandemic, consistent with the Governor’s Proclamation 20-05 that requires Council action be both “necessary” and “routine.” The meeting and related discussion on the Comprehensive Plan Scope and Community Involvement Plan meets these criteria as follows:


Necessary: This meeting is “necessary” to meet requirements set for in the Growth Management Act (GMA) which requires that each Washington city and county periodically review and, if needed, revise its comprehensive plan and development regulations every eight years (RCW 36.70A.130 <>). The GMA further provides that each the city broadly disseminate to the public a public participation program consistent with RCW 36.70A.035 <>  Discussion related to the scope, timeline, and the Community Involvement Plan is required to comply with the requirements of state law and will allow staff to begin the work and community engagement associated with the periodic review.


Routine: In delivering this staff report, staff is not seeking a decision but is apprising the City Council, and the public, of details related to the scope, timeline and Community Involvement Plan related to the periodic review. Details provided in this presentation will be posted to the Comprehensive Plan Periodic Review project page and will be available for further public review throughout the planning process. Since no decision is being made at this time and because there will be opportunities over the next four years for public input, the meeting should be considered “routine” and not considered to be unusual, special or controversial.

For King County and all the cities in King County, the periodic review must be completed by June 30, 2024. At the April 14, 2020, City Council Study Session staff provided an overview of the state, regional, and local considerations and requirements that will inform the periodic review of the Comprehensive Plan including but not limited to:

                     The GMA periodic review checklist,

                     The Puget Sound Regional Council (PSRC) periodic review checklist,

                     The Countywide Planning Policies (CPPs) adopted by King County, and

                     Locally determined updates informed by leadership, community vision/input, staff, and existing conditions.


Comprehensive plans provide the foundation for all local planning efforts. A comprehensive plan articulates a series of goals, objectives, policies, actions, and standards that are intended to guide the day-to-day decisions of elected officials and local government staff. The Comprehensive Plan provides the framework for all other implementing plans including strategic and functional plans.  Under the GMA, a local agency’s development regulations (such as zoning) and capital budget decisions must be made in conformity with its comprehensive plan (RCW 36.70A.120).


The last major update of the Comprehensive Plan was in 2014-2015. The extended period of time that has passed since the last comprehensive review further intensifies the need for updates and amendments, most of which will be managed with staff resources. In an effort to try to manage this large and complicated project, to improve efficiency, and to provide predictability for the public, staff has developed the following criteria for sorting updates into phases for development and implementation.

Redmond 2050 Periodic Review Phasing and Criteria

A.                     Phase One | Completed on or before 4Q2022-1Q2023

Priority updates for Phase One are those needed to:

                     Advance economic vitality and COVID-19 recovery (Overlake Urban Center Update and the Overlake Planned Action); 

                     Address housing affordability (Implement the Housing Action Plan recommendations);  

                     Accommodate the growth allocated to Redmond for this periodic review cycle; and

                     Guide transportation decisions and investments.

B.                     Phase Two | Completed on or before 3Q2023-2Q2024

Priority updates for Phase Two are those needed to:

                     Implement the Department of Commerce requirements for GMA statutory consistency;

                     Implement the mandatory updates to elements required under the GMA (not completed in phase 1);

                     Accommodate the growth allocated to Redmond outside of Overlake; and

                     Ensure consistency with the Countywide Planning Policies (not provided for in Phase 1).

C.                     Out of Scope | After 2Q2024

Updates to neighborhood plan and/or other plans and regulations which were not included in the periodic review.

                     Neighborhood Plan Updates

                     Regulatory and Plan updates not addressed in Phase 1 or Phase 2

                     Cultural Resources Management Plan / Redmond Heritage Resource Register

A detailed list of Periodic Review Phase One and Phase Two comprehensive plan elements, regulations, and functional plan updates are provided in Attachment A.

Themes and Community Benefits

Three themes have been identified by staff and leadership that will be integrated into the goals and policies throughout the plan. These include:

1.                     Equity and Inclusion,

2.                     Smart City Planning Principles, and

3.                     Resiliency.


Staff will be seeking input from the City Council on other key themes.

Additionally, staff has worked to identify community benefits to share with community members on the project page provided in Attachment B. Benefits are aligned with the principles of sustainability and have been sorted by their relevance to each of the sustainability categories: environmental protection, economic development, and social objectives.



                     Phase One components are projected to be completed on or before 4Q2022.

                     As the State legislature has extended the deadline for completion of the periodic review to June 2024, Phase Two completion will align with the state deadline.

 A detailed timeline is more fully provided for in Attachment A.

First Steps: Community Visioning and Environmental Analysis.

Community visioning and environmental analysis project components will launch simultaneously to ensure that environmental scoping can align closely with the community’s goals and vision for the update. These consultant supported efforts will provide a foundation for policy and regulatory updates. While the community visioning and scenario development will conclude early next year, environmental analysis and documentation will continue into 2022 to assist the community in identifying and managing the environmental impacts associated with the implementation of the community’s vision.

Community Involvement Plan

Staff has developed a preliminary Community Involvement Plan for City Council review.  The primary goal of community involvement is to actively and continuously engage the community in the process.  Community involvement activities are intended to create a picture of who the community is and what they value and prioritize - documenting and reflecting their concerns, ideas, issues, and aspirations.  Specific objectives of the public outreach include: 

                     Create awareness, ​

                     Identify stakeholders,

                     Solicit feedback on analysis and alternatives​,

                     Engage historically underrepresented groups, both culturally and demographically, ​

                     Ensure community concerns and interests are considered, ​

                     Build consensus for identified priorities​, and

                     Sustain on-going support.

The overall approach and timeline for Phase 1 updates is summarized below:


Phase One Tasks

Engagement Purpose

Primary Tools/Methods


Tentative Timeline


Build awareness and invite participation

Press releases & social media, outreach to key stakeholders and partner agencies

City Staff


Community Visioning & Environmental Analysis

Update and refine the community's preferred form as an urban city

In-person and online tools, Advisory Committee, Community meetings

Consultant with Staff Support


Plan, Policy & Code Updates

Implement the Vision

In-person and online tools, Advisory Committee, Community meetings

City Staff



Finalize and adopt plan, policy, and code updates

Board & Commission meetings and public hearing(s)

City Staff



The full Phase One Community Involvement Plan is provided in Attachment C.  A Phase Two Community Involvement Plan will be developed at a later date more closely associated with the timeline for Phase Two tasks and will utilize lessons learned and best practices from the Phase One involvement effort.




                     March 27, 2020: Stage and Regional Planning Context

                     April 14, 2020: Regional Planning Context and Redmond 2050


V.                     IMPACT


A.                     Service/Delivery:


This briefing will provide important information to the City Council and the public about the upcoming periodic review of the Redmond Comprehensive Plan and associated opportunities for public involvement. Increasing awareness and understanding of the periodic review will allow for a more engaged and informed community and will result in plan amendments that better represent the goals, vision, and values of elected officials and Redmond community members.


B.                     Fiscal Note:


On March12, 2020 staff published a request for proposals for the following project components:


                     Community Visioning / Land Use Scenario Development/ Preliminary Growth Allocations

                     Environmental Analysis for the Comprehensive Plan/ Planned Action(s)


The deadline for submission was April 24, 2020. Staff has developed the following budget based on the range of costs submitted with the proposals received. Staff is working with the Finance Department to identify preliminary costs for 2020 and anticipated costs for the 2021-2022 funding period.


Urban Visioning,  TOD Land Use Scenario Development,  Overlake Boundary Review.  Preliminary Growth Allocations

Estimated $150,000

Environmental Analysis and Documentation Final EIS for Comprehensive Plan Planned Action Update for Overlake Planned Action for Marymoor and Downtown (TBD)

Estimated $350,000


Estimated $500,000






City Council may consider and recommend changes to scope and the timeline based on priorities not identified by staff.


VII.                     TIME CONSTRAINTS


In accordance with RCW 36.70A.130 <>, King County and all the cities in King County must complete the periodic review no later than June 30, 2024. Staff is proposing a Phase One completion date no later than the fourth quarter of 2022.


VIII.                     LIST OF ATTACHMENTS


Attachment A - Scope and Timeline

Attachment B - Community Benefits

Attachment C - Community Involvement Plan

Attachment D - Staff Report | Presentation